Connecting leaders to their next act in purpose and impact.

September 20-22, new york city

The world is calling for more awakened leaders of high capabilities to apply those talents and skills in the areas of purpose, positive impact and meaningful contribution. This two-day conference and workshop will connect such leaders with that new possibility inside and outside of themselves, and empower them with the transformation and tools to bring that new possibility to robust life.


Gina RudaN

Cultural Alchemist, X Inc.(The Moonshot Factory)

Kim Culmone

SVP Global Design Lead, Mattel

Nichol Bradford

Executive Director
Transformative Technology Labs

Barbara Groth

Founder, CD
Nomadic School
of Wonder

Soul Purpose 2019, NYC, will be held at the prestigious New York Academy of Sciences.

When you walk into the New York Academy of Sciences, you are immediately greeted by a sculpture of Charles Darwin. We love the metaphoric power of this, given what we intend as the core benefit of Soul Purpose are our own personal evolution, and the evolution of the role of business in the world toward purpose, meaning and positive impact.

“I believe there exists, and I feel within me, an instinct for the truth, or knowledge or discovery , of something of the same nature as the instinct of virtue.” --Charles Darwin

The New York Academy of Sciences is at 7 World Trade Center, 250 Greenwich,  forty floors above powerful experiences like the 911 Memorial and Museum, and the spectacularly stunning Oculus WTC Mall, designed by architect Santiago Calatrava to resemble a magnificent winged dove. Our gathering space is flanked by floor to ceiling windows allowing participants the inspiration of being at the level of clouds to take in virtually a 270 degree view of the city. The Oculus is the capstone to the World Trade Center Mall with a myriad of places to eat during our lunch breaks.