1) Inspiration:

For Inspiration, we start Friday night at the 9/11 Memorial Museum for a special private group event as the beginning of our of programming. You’ll experience a speaker, Lolita Jackson, who lived through the event and had its impact change her career trajectory toward purpose and impact. She is now the Special Advisor to the Senior Director of Climate Policy and Programs for the Mayor’s Office of NYC. We’ll then set you off on a purposeful tour of the museum with a special inner assignment that will come alive during the transformational work later it the worksop.

Inspiration continues the next morning with talks from renowned impact leaders whose career arcs are emblematic of the workshop’s theme of moving into experiences of higher purpose and positive impact. This segment culminates in a panel discussion and Q&A with the speakers and workshop participants.

2) Transformation

In the Transformation segment, we will move through a series of sequential processes architected to empower participants to distinguish between ego preference and authentic purpose, going beyond fears and limiting beliefs holding them in stasis, connecting with the authentic leader inside of themselves, and the fountainhead of creativity and possibility that emerges with that leader.

3) Connection

In the Connection segment, participants will be connecting to a much greater level of creation by accessing co-creation, and from this elevated place, clarifying and developing a new vision of themselves making a meaningful impact in their world. At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to connect with one another to form new collaborative networks in service to each other’s new visions and enterprises.


After Soul Purpose LA we received many requests for some kind of continued guidance as people went out into the world to implement their Impact Visions. We ended up providing many with coaching sessions to keep them connected to the tools and principles of the workshop. We’ve decided for Soul Purpose NYC to integrate this service a part of the program. At any time after the workshop, every registrant will be able to receive a professional coaching session ($625 value) with one of the co-designers of the program and professional leadership coaches, Licia Rester-Frazee or Kirk Souder.


September 2o, 2019

5:30 arrive at 9/11 Museum Auditorium

6:00 Seated in 9/11 Museum Auditorium

6:20 9/11 Speaker commences

6:40 Special tour assignment given

6:50 Participants tour Museum in designed process

8:00 Return to Auditorium

8:05 Group sharing about process

8:45 Leave Museum

September 21, 2019

8:30 Doors open

9:00 Welcome and Orientation

9:40 Four Stories of Inspired Impact

11:05 Break

11:20 Speaker Panel and Q&A

11:45 Scaling Up: Expanding from Ego to Self

1:15 Lunch break

2:45 Doors Open

3:00 Breaking Free: Releasing the Myths to Living in Purpose

4:45 Break

5:05  Tuning In: Who’s Leading Your Inner Organization?

7:15  Dreaming Big: Turning Your Downtime Into Download Time

7:30 End of Day 1


September 22, 2019

8:30 Doors open

9:00  Gaining Altitude: From Preference to Purpose

11:30 Break

11:50  EmPowering Up: From Ego-Creation to Co-Creation

12:45 Lunch Break

2:20 Doors Open

2:35 360° Receptivity: Co-creation and Collaboration

3:15 Living Your Purpose: Commitment and Action

3:50 Break

4:05 Together Forward: Connecting and Building Teams

5:35 Completion Process & Sharing

7:00 End of Day 2