Our last Soul Purpose was in Los Angeles. It was an extraordinary two days of growth and epiphanies that led to new ventures and the transformation of the business platforms our participants were already leading. We had leaders from Mattel, Bank of America, Microsoft, global foundations, a multitude of start-ups, entrepreneurs, film and content companies, and individual artists and developers. Soul Purpose has since been converted into an internal corporate program for leaders who attended and wanted more of their people to have its benefits.

Here are testimonials about the experience.

“I am compelled to send you a thank you note this morning even though I am fully aware that I have just begun to integrate all the learning from Soul Purpose into my heart and brain.  I am looking forward to reading and re-reading my notes and the realizations that I came to about my purpose. The combination of information and transformation was magic – each process offered something to me and my workshop partners.  So, thank you for putting it into the universe and inviting us all in.”

— Kelly Fredrickson, President, MullenLowe US


“Wow – truly transformative. You have no idea what a gift it was to me. I’ve already had 4 conversations today at the office around my experience at the workshop and my mission of reaching and inspiring those in the deepest need with the brand’s purpose and magic. I’ve enlisted significant minds internally who are lit up and ready to take action to make it happen.  I feel like I woke up this weekend. “

— Kim Culmone, Global Lead Product Design, Barbie, Mattel


"Living life in alignment with your soul is no easy task. First and foremost, you have to get in touch with what's authentic about you. Your true self. It can be very hard at times to distinguish between what is truly your soul purpose, and what you think or believe is your soul purpose based on your upbringing and the normal indoctrination that occurs in life. The Soul Purpose Workshop teaches you how to recognize the difference between what is authentically you, and what may be your facade. Having gone through that process personally, guided by Kirk and his team, I can honestly say that it's made a real difference to me and elevated the joy and sense purpose I now experience in my life."

— David Paine, President and Co-Founder, 9/11 National Day of Service and Remembrance

"For about 15 years I've wondered what I'd do if I didn't do my current job. Was there something I'd find more fulfilling? Something that would align with my personal beliefs? Something I could throw myself into? I thought about it. Talked to friends about it. Read books about it. And did yet more thinking. And got no where. Yet in one weekend I found answers. Had a massive injection of inspiration. And left with more ideas than 15 years of pondering. If you don't know where to go next, then go to this weekend.”

— Simon White, Chief Strategy Officer, FCB West

“Soul Purpose 2017 provided the guided space I was seeking to dig deeper within myself and explore what really matters most – a sense of purpose from which I can live and operate both personally and professionally. Working alongside other like-minded leaders was inspirational and enlightening. As a brand and marketing consultant, I am now focused on illuminating the magic intersection of a company’s real “why” along with its commercial goals, to build culture, communication and achievement through authentic human connection with a purpose. It’s good for business (especially in today’s world) and the soul.”

— Helen McCabe Young, CMO Executive Services

“Attending Soul Purpose 2017 was a life-changing awakening for me. It feels as if I’ve shed my adult skin and have reconnected with my childlike self. That bright-eyed innocence who loves nothing more than to create, express, explore, love, and make others laugh. Throughout the event, there was a lot of new information and experiences that helped me get clarity and recalibrate my north star. For the first time, I can proudly and loudly say, “I AM AN ARTIST!”  And that being an artist is my gift to the world that can make positive change.
Thank you.”

— Chad Rea, Artist

“BIG BIG BIG thanks for the course. Got immense value. Love the EGO vs. SOUL PURPOSE being distinguished throughout. I am amazed at how much the Ego voice has been sabotaging things that light me up. The Los York Label is an amazing laboratory and testing ground for challenging the EGO vs. the AUTHENTIC VOICE to come through. Finding that I just need to keep showing up for the original commitment and not let little “concerns” stop us. The team is lit up by it and I am lit up by it.”

— Seth Epstein, Co-Founder,  Los York

“Soul Purpose 2017 was such a powerful experience. This gathering of business leaders and soul seekers provided the unique opportunity to pause, open up, and envision new and exciting life and professional paths. I now view my business with much more of a service mentality, which has made my work more rewarding and meaningful. Highly recommend!”

Jordan Olshansky, President & Director, True Stories