Soul Purpose NYC Online Info Event

We’ve had a lot of people reaching out to learn more about the Soul Purpose NYC event coming in September.

And so my co-designer and facilitator, Licia Rester, and I thought it would be useful and fun to do a face-to-face online gathering with all those curious about the event and what they can get out of it.

In addition to answering your questions about the workshop, we want to share insights about the path toward purpose that you can use right away...even before the support your own process of creating even greater fulfillment and impact. These keys came considering your many inquiries, as well as from our years of working with scores of other leaders navigating the journey toward purpose.

This Sunday, we’ll also be addressing the common blocks that people on a journey of purpose and impact often find themselves struggling with:

Purpose Block #1: “I have to choose between purpose and abundance--between what brings me alive and what keeps me alive.”

Purpose Block #2: “My purpose is “out there” to find.”

Purpose Block #3: “I’ll have to leave my current company or position to do it.”

Purpose Block #4: Playing passively and not actively.

Purpose Block #5: “I have to postpone what brings me alive until everything is ready and setup (time/money).”

Purpose Block #6: “I thought I knew exactly what I wanted, but it seems to be such a struggle and the universe does not seem to be cooperating at all.”

Purpose Block #7: “I’ve got to figure this out and do this on my own.”

We’ll talk about how the processes and work we’ll be doing together in the Soul Purpose NYC Workshop will address these precise challenges and other common blocks so that you can free yourself to live the life and work you were all meant to create and live.

And we look forward to invigorating and insight-filled Q&A sessions in the process!

For what we intend to be a fun and insightful Sunday afternoon, you can register for this free event here.

Attendance to this online gathering will also give access to event discounts, a free coaching session, and bonus content.

We can’t wait to see you next Sunday!


Kirk & Licia