You came into this world.

You fully engaged.

Accomplishment by accomplishment, you arrived at the place you always imagined you'd arrive at, only to find something missing. Perhaps purpose. Perhaps meaning. Perhaps positive impact. At that point you may ask yourself, “What if I don’t have a purpose?”, “Don’t I need more money and time to pursue something purposeful or impactful?”, “Will I have to give up my financial goals to do this?”, “Will I need to neglect many other responsibilities to do this?”, “Am I good or smart enough to achieve it?”, “What if I bring my vision to my company and they reject it? , etc.

These are the most natural questions in the world, and yet they beg other questions even more important to explore:

What if none of those thoughts are true?

What if those are just beliefs that you chose to take on as truth? What if letting them go is the only thing between you and any possibility you can envision for yourself? What if you can take all that you are and have achieved, and through a new lens of meaning, apply it to an invigorating vocation that brings livelihood together with greater purpose? Or, turn what you are doing now into an endeavor of purpose and positive impact?

What if these extraordinary possibilities are available to you?

This workshop has been designed with the intention and purpose of:

  • Inspiring you with presentations and Q&A with renowned leaders who have successfully made the leap to purpose and meaning

  • Connecting you to that new vision of purpose and impact that lives inside of you

  • Supporting you to move beyond any limiting beliefs or fears keeping you in stasis

  • Elevating you into a whole new paradigm of creative power in co-creation

  • Equipping you with your own inspired blueprint for moving forward

  • Connecting you to a fountainhead of other purpose-driven leaders for collaboration beyond the workshop

The workshop will combine the best of practices and techniques born from the experience of successful impact leaders, and the transformational coaching practices of the co-designers informed by years of helping a spectrum of high-impact minds, from technology entrepreneurs, to renown artists, to Fortune 500 global design leads, make their way towards purpose. It will be an innovative, intensive and highly experiential format, designed to support participants in experiencing real and actionable personal transformation and their own unique blueprint for positive impact.